t recalled the▓ ill-omened coat of Joseph.Here passed a ca●mel caravan whose drivers would, perhaps, pur▓chase just such a slave of his brothers ▓this very day.There squa

tted▓ a band of Bedouins at breakfast● and the


ty of ▓Damascus stood out against 130a backgroun●d of dull-r

ed hills, the mor▓ning sun gleaming on gracefu▓l domes and minarets of superb Saracenic archite▓cture.It was an ultra-Oriental panorama b●efore which that first quatrain of Omar s▓prang unbidden to the lips.I pass

ed on w▓ith the throng and was soon swallowed up in th▓e multitude

that surged thro●ugh “the Street called Strai▓ght”—which isn’t. CHAPTER VII THE● CITIES OF OLD More successfully than all othe▓r cities of its age and fame,

Damascus has repul●sed the advance of Western civili●zation and invention.To be sure, the whistle of● the locomotive is heard now in her suburbs;● for besid


  • es the railway to the coast, a ▓new line brings to the an

    cient city the produce● of the vast and fertile Hauran beyond Jordan.A▓ few single telegraph wires, too, ▓connect “Shaam”

  • with the outsid▓e world, and the whir of the American▓

    sewing machine is heard in her long, ▓vaulted bazaars.But these things make▓ the prehistoric way of the city the stranger b?/p>

鄂托克前旗 伊金霍洛旗 鄂尔多斯市 霍林郭勒市 克什克腾旗 土默特右旗 土默特左旗 和林格尔县 呼和浩特市 额济纳旗